Government Solutions

The drive to transform and improve communications with citizens and the channel shift to the web as a platform require Government departments and bodies to deliver a wide array of form driven processes – many that just will not be included in embedded enterprise platforms – and many that will be ad-hoc or project specific.

SR Capture’s solutions enable government bodies to create and process information from virtually any form –paper, web or mobile -with immediate improvements in the accuracy of data, increases in productivity and efficiency and data immediately exported into management systems.

SR Capture provide comprehensive support for internally managed systems and offer fully hosted solutions. Hosted managed services offers immense flexibility and a low risk solution to project completion.

Business Benefits:

  • Rapid Implementation
  • Rich user experience
  • Simple integration with business systems
  • Paper, Web, Mobile
  • Distributed and Centralised systems possible

Typical applications:

  • Registrations
  • Application Processes
  • Transactional processes
  • Audit Routines
  • Consultations/Surveys
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Facilities Management