Commercial Solutions

The process of collecting accurate data from forms is mission critical for many business.

The uptake of web and mobile device use presents both new opportunities and new challenges to established form driven routines. A new form can be published simultaneously as Paper, to the Web and to Mobile devices allowing users to respond in the most appropriate format but complying with identical business and validation rule processing.

SRCapture are a world leader in automated data capture of paper forms and have worked with businesses of all sizes. Legacy paper forms that are currently hand keyed can be captured and validated form with immediate improvements in the accuracy of data, increases in productivity and efficiency and valid data exported directly into management systems. By automating the form driven business process they gain competitive advantage.

New routines can be delivered quickly and securely either managed on-site or off site as a fully managed and hosted solution.

Business Benefits:

  • Rapid Implementation
  • Paper, Web, Mobile
  • Onsite or hosted
  • Centralised or Distributed processing

Typical applications:

  • Transactional processes
  • Compliance
  • HR/Personnel
  • Logistics/Faculties Management
  • Applications/Registrations
  • Operations
  • Research