SR Cloud - Web Based Verification for Teleform

SR Cloud is the innovative new web based verification module for HP Teleform. Teleform batch verification can now be completed using any standard web browser, with full security and auditing to provide unrivalled flexibility to your Teleform data capture system. SR Cloud allows for the secure distribution of your verification routines and adds additional functionality in a simple to use interface.

  • Remote Batch Verification

    Allows Teleform batches to be verified by remote users from any device using any standard web browser.

  • Zero’ client, rapid, secure deployment

    The SR Cloud user interface is accessed with a web browser via a secure HTTPS connection. There is no need for client side installation or admin privileges, making rollout a simple task.

  • Intuitive User Interface

    The SR Cloud user interface is designed to be easy to use and will be instantly familiar to anyone already using Teleform.

  • Direct Teleform Integration

    Scanned Teleform batches are automatically available for processing within both the native Teleform Verifier module and the SR Cloud interface. The SR Cloud integration service manages batch locking in between the systems. Your batch numbers stay the same.

  • User levels add functionality

    SR Cloud provides secure user log-ins, with roles to define what users can see and do.

  • Audit functions

    Allows batches to be audited after initial verification providing an extra level of quality control and compliance. All field changes are tracked and available for audit.

  • QC function

    This allows correction of batch issues such as unclassified forms or incorrect page linking.

  • IPad and Mobile device support

    Verify or QC on the move with an interface designed to work just as well on tablet devices.

  • Fully Localisable / Customisable

    Change the interface language by default or detect from browser language. Change the look to match your corporate style.

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To find out more about SR Cloud or to arrange a 'live' demonstration, please contact us:

Call: 01603 327 321 - or Email: info at srcapture dot Com